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Whether you're a hosting provider, SaaS provider, or any other service provider, the challenge is the same. Your prospective customers worry about your service's reliability when considering your company. In the absence of independent verification, fear and Internet gossip become a major component of their decision making process. With UptimeSafe, you'll finally be able to put buyers' fears to rest and change their uncertainty into confidence.


UptimeSafe is a revolutionary service that tests your network around the clock and measures your level of uptime and reliability. Service providers that meet our high uptime standards are awarded UptimeSafe's APSsm Certification and provided with seals they can use to market their reliability to new customers. Not every service provider is able to meet our standards; however, for those who do, the benefits are many.

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UptimeSafe Benefits for Service Providers

Increase Buyer Confidence

Start putting buyers' reliability concerns to rest. Getting your uptime independently certified by UptimeSafe gives buyers hard facts they can trust.

Increase Sales 10 to 34%*

Display our UptimeSafe APSsm Seal on your website and watch your
signup rates increase by a much as 34%. See our Effectiveness Study for more details.

Increase SaaS Adoption Rates

The biggest obstacle to SaaS adoption is the fear of the SaaS model itself. Increase adoption by instilling confidence in the reliability of your SaaS services.

Differentiate Yourself From Your Competitors

Proudly differentiate yourself from your competitors. Prove once and for all that you've got what it takes and they don't.

Measure and Improve Your Uptime

Use our test results to get a real-user perspective of your network's reliability from diverse geographical locations. Use this data to improve your service.


The Bottom Line

UptimeSafe APSsm Certification increases buyer confidence and turns more of your prospective customers into buyers. Start using UptimeSafe today to set your company apart and make your biggest asset, reliability and trustworthiness, a true selling point.

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