IT Buyer Benefits

Buy IT Services with Confidence

It was not too long ago that all you could do was cross your fingers and hope for the best when choosing a service provider. Every hosting company, SaaS provider, and business service provider on the Internet promised great uptime, but finding the ones that could actually deliver was all but impossible. Today there is a better way — the UptimeSafe way.

UptimeSafe tests a service provider’s network around the clock and measures their level of uptime and reliability. If the service provider meets our stringent uptime standards, we then certify their uptime using our APS rating standard and allow them to display the UptimeSafe APS Seal on their website.

Benefits of Buying from UptimeSafe Certified Providers:

 You’ll get an unbiased rating of the service provider’s uptime.

You’ll know the provider has a proven track record of reliability.

You’ll know you’re buying from a provider who takes uptime seriously.

You’ll be able to buy with confidence.

Choose the reliable service provider.
Choose the provider with the UptimeSafe Seal!

Next time you’re looking for a service provider, choose the provider with the UptimeSafe APS certification. You’ll know the provider not only talks-the-talk, but also has a proven track record of being able to walk-the-walk. Don’t take the chance with an uncertified service provider. If they are not UptimeSafe APS certified, they either have not met our standards or they’re not serious enough about their uptime to get it independently certified.

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