SaaS Certification

UptimeSafe’s SaaS Certification service is designed to certify the uptime and reliability of services offered by companies who provide Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). SaaS providers run complex networks consisting of load balancers, application servers, database servers and other resources. All of these network resources are employed to achieve the highest level of redundancy and scalability for the web-based applications SaaS providers run for their clients.

Our SaaS Certification service will test a cross section of the SaaS provider’s application network and certify their uptime based on their network average. Our certification process is platform independent which allows us to certify any kind of application running on any operating system.

Features of SaaS Certification Service

Focused on Application Layer

 We focus our testing on your area of responsibility: the network, servers, and software application.

Application Cross Section Testing

We test a cross section of your application network to build a realistic average of your service reliability.

UptimeSafe APS Certification

We’ll certify your service uptime and provide you with an APSsm Certification that you can market to new customers.

Display UptimeSafe Seal

Once you’re certified, you’ll be able to display our UptimeSafe APSsm Seal on your website and marketing materials.

False Reading Protection

We verify downtime readings from multiple geographic locations before attributing them to your network.

Test Result Confidentiality

We won’t disclose your test results to the public. If you miss our certification standards you won’t get certified; however you’ll be able to work on improving your service without fear of public scrutiny and be able to reapply.

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