Service Overview

UptimeSafe provides uptime certification services to the online service provider’s industry and serves as a symbol of trust and reliability among buyers. We accomplish this mission by rigorously testing and monitoring the networks of our subscribed service providers using the following process:



We continuously monitor a percentage of the service provider’s network 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We test their services every hour of every day by simulating various user interactions with their services.


Test results are analyzed daily to ensure the service provider continues to meet our standards for displaying our UptimeSafe seal.

For accuracy, only downtime which was verifyable from multiple geographic locations is attributed to the service provider.


IT Service Buyers see our UptimeSafe seal and certificates on the service provider’s website and buy with confidence.

Service providers are given detailed test data to help them work towards maintaining and improving their uptime and reliability.


We certify the service provider’s uptime and assign it a rating based on our APS rating standard each calendar quarter.

Only service providers who have met and continue to meet our uptime standards are allowed to display the UptimeSafe seal on their site.

When you see our UptimeSafe Seal on a service provider’s website, you can rest assured that we are continuously monitoring the service provider’s services according to this process and that they have met and continue to meet our uptime standards.