UptimeSafe Seals

Service providers who achieve UptimeSafe APSsm Certification are authorized to display UptimeSafe Seals on their websites, advertisements, and marketing materials. These seals serve as a visual indicator to the public that the service provider has been certified by UptimeSafe and has met the APSsm Certification Standard listed on the seal. 

Standard UptimeSafe Seals
We allow Service Providers to choose from a variety of UptimeSafe Seal sizes and designs to best fit their needs. The following is an example of what our seal might look like for you:

Example Seal

Validating Seal Authenticity
Certified service providers can display our UptimeSafe Seals on their websites and on-line marketing materials as long as they are UptimeSafe certified, continue to be actively tested by us and continue to meet our APSsm Certification Standards. Service providers can also display our UptimeSafe Seals on their printed materials as long as they are UptimeSafe certified at the time of distribution.

To validate the authenticity of an UptimeSafe Seal, visit the service provider’s website and click the UptimeSafe Seal displayed there. Valid seals click through to a certificate validation page on the “www.uptimesafe.com” domain. This certificate validation page identifies the service provider by name, lists their APSsm Certification Rating, and confirms the authenticity of the certificate. If the service provider’s website is missing the UptimeSafe Seal or the seal does not demonstrate these qualities, then the certification is not valid.