Our Company

UptimeSafe is a service of InfoGenius, Inc. headquartered in Allentown, PA. InfoGenius has been connecting businesses worldwide with the Internet technology they need to successfully build, manage, and grow robust e-Businesses since 1999.

InfoGenius offers the online business community multiple services including UptimeSafe, AlertBot, Industry Benchmarking, and Managed Performance Monitoring.

Founded by a group of engineers, InfoGenius prides itself in developing quality enterprise-class solutions that help businesses, both small and large, realize their greatest potential online. These solutions help clients ensure their websites and online services deliver a first class end-user experience and meet the highest quality standards.

The UptimeSafe service was launched by InfoGenius in 2009 to help both service providers and IT buyers alike. Service reliability is a major concern for IT buyers and a major differentiator for quality service providers of web hosting, SaaS (software-as-a-service), and transactional services. InfoGenius developed UptimeSafe with the goal of addressing the unique challenges these two Employees Community groups face and in the process has launched the first Uptime Certification service of its kind.

InfoGenius’s community of employees, from engineers to business managers and customer service representatives to sales representatives are committed to your business success. From all of us here at InfoGenius and UptimeSafe, we encourage you to open a dialog with us and learn how InfoGenius can help your business.

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