Our Global Network

UptimeSafe’s network of servers and systems is built on industry leading technology and designed to be highly redundant, scalable, and geographically distributed. We’ve invested years of research and development into building and refining our systems to bring together this enterprise-scale platform. What this means for IT Buyers and Service Providers alike is that they can rely on us to provide them with accurate test results and trustworthy Uptime Certifications.

Testing Station Locations
Our network of testing stations is distributed around the world in key population centers to accurately measure uptime and reliability from those regions. Depending on the location of the service provider we are testing, we assign test stations to test them which are relevant to their region of the world.

North American Testing Group

 Canada, Montréal
 Canada, Vancouver
 United States, Chicago
 United States, New York
 United States, San Diego
 United States, Houston
 United States, Tampa

Global Testing Groups

South American Testing Group
 European Testing Group
Asian Testing Group
Pacific Rim Testing Group

Fault Tolerance & Testing Accuracy
Our systems are designed to make fault tolerance and testing accuracy of the utmost priority. This is done through advanced system features that allow multiple test stations in our network to correlate and verify errors from multiple locations before attributing the downtime to the service provider. Our network redundancy also ensures that if one or more test stations are taken off-line, the other test stations automatically pick up the slack. As a result, we are able to accurately and reliably certify Service Providers networks with full confidence in our testing data.